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An overview of content – Blog posts, Articles, White Paper, Study or Book

There is a dizzying array of different types of content – and sometimes it’s difficult to judge where you need one type over another and it doesn’t just come down to length any more.

It used to be that if you had a short piece of information you could blog it (up to 400 words was thought to be best) – longer than that could be an article (up to 1k), between 1 and 3k could be a case study or white paper, while longer than that was a report or eBook.

But the lines are now blurring – so is there any way to decide what sort of content you should use and its best length?

Blog posts

Blog posts are still designed to be nice short, concise pieces of content – you can split longer posts into shorter ones, but on average, the sweet spot for both blog posts and articles is somewhere between 800 and 2000 words.  Longer than that and you should consider splitting them, because people dislike scrolling too much unless the content is really compelling.

Blog posts can be shorter too though – if it’s just a brief study, you can get away with sharing the information in a short blog post.


A good article is normally no shorter than 400 words – and can be as long as they need to be.  Unlike blog posts, articles can be distributed in print or online, so can be of varying length.  They should however be as concise as possible – it’s important to ensure that the articles you produce are focussed on one major point – this will allow you to share information in great depth, without overwhelming your readers. It also allows you to show off your expertise in a more formalised way, that’s also easier to reference.  Optimised Articles tend to be longer lived than blogs and should be treated differently.  While blogs can be written by most business owners, it’s at the point of writing articles that you should work on either improving your writing or hiring a copywriter.

Case studies and white papers

Case studies and white papers are anything from 2,000 words or upwards.  These crafted reports are designed to focus on specific elements of your business and support people in understanding how you’ve improved (x), or how you could improve (y).  Case studies are often best undertaken during the consultation phase as in some cases they can sell your services, while white papers are designed to be more formal and address elements of your industry – both are geared at different people primarily, but both are longer length and formally structured.

It’s the formal structure that makes case studies and white papers stand out from the other content that people distribute and are often what makes them work well – unlike some other formats; it’s easy to be more creative and highlight the most important elements of your report simply by using one of several layouts.

Again, unless you’re an accomplished writer, you should hire a copywriter to ensure that your content is up to scratch and perform as you want it to.

EBooks and Reports

EBooks are designed to share a lot of information, in an easy to digest format – these eBooks and reports are also easily distributed from your website, via Kindle, the Apple store and more.  These longer style documents are designed to cover a lot of the information that you may have shared in a series of articles in depth.  They are the single strongest way to establish and support your expertise and can give your clients and those looking to decide whether to hire you the single best indication of whether you’re as knowledgeable as they need.

Content Conclusion

No matter of what type of content you choose, you’ll find that they all add to your expertise and saleability.  If you have a problem choosing which content will serve you best, it’s often a good idea to discuss it with your Online Copywriting coach or team.

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